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Two branches of the same tree: Common goals and common roots.

"To provide a nurturing, academically rich, learning environment that honors childhood, develops stewardship of the natural world, and fosters community."

                                                                            ~ROCS mission statement

"To educate and inspire the public as to the importance of agriculture, nutrition, sustainability, and the environment."

                                                                               ~SUF mission statement

Partnering non-profit organizations Red Oak Community School and Sunbury Urban Farm are seeking supporters.

Sunbury Urban Farms (SUF) purchased a 15-acre property in Northeast Columbus that is the new home for Red Oak Community School (ROCS). As nonprofit organizations, however, neither are eligible to take out loans to support necessary improvements to the land and construction of new classroom spaces. But both the farm and the school have immediate needs to provide the best environment and continued education for our community. ROCS and SUF, together, are seeking supporter for the short-term growth and development of the property.

Investments will support a loan that will be used to build a shared campus on the property. Beautiful new classroom yurts will be purchased and nestled among the trees throughout the property. A community building will be constructed which the farm will use as a rental and gathering space, and the school will use to house bathroom facilities, gear storage, and space for eating or playing during bad weather.

Donations will go towards much needed improvements to the property. These will include necessary building repairs and upgrades, and constructing bridges and pathways throughout the property.


SUF and ROCS have partnered up with Semble to allow supporters to fund a short term loan, with financial returns, using cash or self directed retirement funds. Investments of $10,000 or more are recommended.


Donations have a direct impact to the project. A fundraising goal does not need to be met in order to access donation dollars and any amount goes a long way.

About the Partnership

The relationship between Sunbury Urban Farm and Red Oak community school can best be described as two branches of the same tree. We have common goals and common roots.

Red Oak Community School was always intended to be more than just a school. In our name, the word that is most important to us is “Community” and that is where Sunbury Urban Farm comes in.

The partnership we have, allows Red Oak to focus on the “school” part and Sunbury Urban Farm to be a community outreach program built around our shared values of education and community.

To learn more about the organizations visit Sunbury Urban Farm and Red Oak Community School.



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